Automobile Culture Theme Library of Shenzhen Polytechnic opened

2017-06-19 来源: Shenzhen Nanshan


Automobile Culture Theme Library, a library-within-a-library, built by Shenzhen Polytechnic Library and School of Automotive and Transportation Engineering, opened on the June 1st. The Automobile Culture Theme Library introduced new concept and operating model, and it not only kept the collecting and reading functions, but also was an extension of the teaching platform and the second class of School of Automotive and Transportation Engineering. And this was also a new platform for teaching reform with cultural education and collaborative innovation, created by Shenzhen Polytechnic in further educational and teaching reform.

Reporters saw automobile culture theme library was on the first floor of the school library, an area of about 400 square meters, covering the reading area, science and technology experience area and other regions. "In the theme library, teachers and students can not only learn science and technology knowledge of automobile, but also visit the automobile model display, carry out various discussions, innovation production, project training and other activities." said by the Curator Liu Lanping, and there also was a car coffee bar in the library. It is reported that in the future it will become an important live point of CNR.