SZU gives VR glasses to new students

2017-08-11 来源: Shenzhen Daily


ALONG with the official letter of admission and some peripheral Shenzhen University (SZU) products packed in a box, a pair of VR glasses made of a paper box are on their way to a new student attending the university in September. A total of 6,919 of these boxes were mailed out Thursday to new students scattered around China.

Last year, SZU started giving boxes of surprises and gifts to its freshmen. The 2016 “SZU Box” contained the student’s letter of admission as well as postcards, a campus map, luggage stickers and a T-shirt, making it a buzzword among the university’s alumnus.

This year, the box was upgraded to include a pair of self-made VR glasses. Following a few steps, students can make the VR glasses by folding a smaller paper box inside the SZU Box.

After scanning a QR code, the new students can then access an app that was developed with the name “SZU Box” and watch a VR video about the campus. From there, the freshmen will be able to take a virtual tour around the campus before arriving there in person.

The new app also features functions such as information about the university and navigation.

According a staffer at Shenzhen University, the idea and production of the boxes were the result of the inspiration and effort of the university’s staff and students. Tencent and Honeycomb Technology also contributed to the production of the boxes.

Last year’s SZU Box was themed “Be Yourself” and this year the box was printed with the slogan “STAND BY YOU,” which sends a message that the university will always support and care for its students, said the staffer.