2017-11-03 来源: Shenzhen Nanshan


Shenzhen's district governments, Qianhai administration, Shenzhen Talent Group and Shenzhen Affordable Housing Group set up booths to promote their talent-friendly policies and projects at Shenzhen Talent Park in Nanshan District yesterday, which opened on the day to mark the city’s first Talent Day.

“Shenzhen’s current prosperity could hardly have been achieved without the efforts made by generations of talents from all around the country and even the world, and we will continue to attract more talents of all kinds to come to Shenzhen,” said Shenzhen’s Party chief Wang Weizhong at the park’s grand opening ceremony.

The Talent Day features an array of activities that celebrate the spirit of desiring more talents.

Resident Huang Liqing joined a talent salon at the Nanshan booth. The salon introduced policies for returned overseas Chinese talents who are interested in working in the district.

Huang said he had just returned to Shenzhen after obtaining his master’s degree in Singapore.

“Many of my high school classmates chose to come back to Shenzhen to work after studying abroad for a year, and I wanted to try my luck as well,” said Huang.

A conference on talents was held inside the park after the opening ceremony. During the conference, the city leaders witnessed the signing of contracts between several groups that provide services for all levels of talents recruited to Shenzhen.

The city leaders also granted a working allowance to nine academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and/or the Chinese Academy of Engineering who work in Shenzhen full time.

Each of the academicians was awarded 1 million yuan (US$147,000). Eleven high-end talents were given the title, “Talent Ambassador.”

Chen Shiyi, president of South University of Science and Technology of China (SUSTech), is one of the “Talent Ambassadors.” Chen said as a scientist recruited by the city government to work in Shenzhen, he felt honored to be a “Talent Ambassador” to promote the city’s image and hard work put into attracting talents.

There are currently 18 academicians employed at SUSTech and 109 experts in various fields have joined the university under Shenzhen’s major talent projects, said the president.

Shenzhen has rolled out a trove of talent projects over the past few years and is now home to 5.1 million specially recruited talents. The number of full-time academicians employed to work in Shenzhen has reached nine, increasing the total number of academicians who have signed with the city government to 26.

The Shenzhen Talent Park, located at Shenzhen Bay near Houhai in Nanshan District, was first planned last August. The park covers 770,000 square meters and features beautiful scenery as well as dozens of seminar rooms, lecture theaters and business centers.