City has 1.54m registered volunteers

2017-09-06 来源: Shenzhen Daily


THERE is one registered volunteer for every 13 Shenzhen residents. The latest statistics from the Shenzhen Communist Youth League Committee showed that Shenzhen is home to 1.54 million registered volunteers, Daily Sunshine reported.

The figure suggested that the total number of registered volunteers takes up 13 percent of the resident population in Shenzhen. Each year, over 120,000 volunteer services are carried out in Shenzhen, providing services for more than 10 million people.

A Shenzhen resident surnamed Yang is one of the tens of thousands of registered volunteers. He has been devoting his time and effort at the U Station near Shenzhen Children’s Hospital since 2012.

“My main job is to answer questions from passers-by or people who are seeing doctors at the hospital. Sometimes I also help maintain order during peak hours when there are too many patients,” said Yang. He enjoys helping others.

Shenzhen Volunteering was the first volunteer organization in China. It was established in Shenzhen back in 1989. Wu Jingqin is one of the 19 initiators of the organization and has witnessed the growth of volunteers in Shenzhen.

“We only had one telephone hotline at that time and it was to provide psychological consultation for residents,” said Wu. Since then, the number of Shenzhen volunteers has grown rapidly and they can be seen wearing red vests everywhere.

“Each Shenzhen volunteer spends 40 hours providing gratuitous service each year on average,” said Li Qiang, head of the Volunteering Department of the Communist Youth League and also the secretary general.

There are many kinds of volunteering jobs in Shenzhen. One of the most common jobs is providing services at U Stations near public venues like hospitals, courtrooms, checkpoints, government departments, the airport, train stations and so on.

The latest data shows that there are currently 18 health-care U Stations near hospitals and three U Stations providing services concerning laws and legislation. By Aug. 21, a total of 382 registered volunteers had served at Shezhen Bay Checkpoint, answering questions from visitors who cross the border.

Apart from offering basic services, like answering questions and showing directions to pedestrians, Shenzhen volunteers are also devoted to improving the city’s livelihood by safeguarding water treatment, food safety, non-smoking areas and some others.

The first U Station aiming to protect a river from pollution was set up near the Dasha River area in Nanshan District earlier this year. Volunteers collect environmental problems and complaints from residents and report them to the relevant government departments, said Shi Lantao, the chief of the river protection U Station.

According to the Communist Youth League, approximately 10 percent of all volunteers have helped protect the rivers in Shenzhen.

Many Shenzhen residents feel grateful for the service and help provided by the volunteers. A parent of a young patient identified as Wang said that he often sees volunteers in red vests maintaining traffic order at major road crossings and near transportation stations. He said that the volunteers also remind residents to mind their own behavior.