The First Shenzhen Nanshan Theatre Festival opened

2017-09-11 来源: Shenzhen Nanshan


On the evening of September 1st, The First Shenzhen Nanshan Theatre Festival had its opening ceremony at Nanshan Experimental Theater. President of Shenzhen Nanshan District PPCC Committee, Chen Jun, Deputy District Mayor of Nanshan District, Lian Cong and other leaders attended the opening ceremony. Party member and vice-president of Shenzhen Municipal Literature and Arts Association, Zhang Zhongliang, Secretary-general of Shenzhen Municipal Literature & Arts Association, Shi Gang, Director of Arts Division of Shenzhen Municipal Culture, Sports & Tourism Administration, Zhang Jinwen and other distinguished guests jointly launched the Nanshan Theatre Festival. This Theatre Festival was sponsored by Nanshan District Publicity Department of Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the CPC (Culture & Sports Bureau) and Shenzhen Nanshan District Literature & Arts Association, guided by Dramatists Association of Shenzhen, and hosted by Nanshan District Dramatists Association of Shenzhen.

Nanshan Theatre Festival set four major sections, which were“YOUTH THEATRE”“HEART THEATRE”“SHORE THEATRE”and“MOBILE THEATRE”.All of them presented the performances at the opening ceremony, bringing an audio-visual feast for the theatre lovers.

After the opening ceremony, from September 2nd to October 17th, nearly 70 wonderful theatres will be performed by more than 40 domestic and foreign troupes, more than 300 professional and non-professional actors will participate in the show. During the theatre festival, a number of theater workshops and academic lectures will be organized to promote the Shenzhen dramatic theory. After the performance, audience can interactive interact with performers to get a deeper understanding of theatre. All the tickets are free of charge to the public, citizens only need to pay attention to "南山文体通 WeChat public number, booking with ID card or registered mobile phone, then you can take the tickets for free in the period of release date.